Friday, October 5, 2012

F2 Super Bonanza with The V MD

F2 Super Bonanza with Pathman Senathirajah

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

QNET Crosses 100,000 Fans On Facebook!

QNET Crosses 100,000 Fans On Facebook!

Did you know theQNET Official Facebook Page has over 100,000 fans?
Reaching this huge goal is all thanks to you, our invaluable IRs, and your consistent enthusiasm and loyalty! QNET would like to say a big THANK YOU to each and every one of you!
We hope you enjoy reading and viewing all the exciting QNET news, updates, photos and videos on the Facebook Page as much as we enjoy sharing it all with you!
Connecting with you every day is very important to us and we would like to remind you about Get Satisfaction – it’s our dedicated online forum for you to ask questions, share ideas, report a problem, and give feedback.
You can access Get Satisfaction by clicking the Global Support Centre tab on the official QNET Facebook page or visiting the QNET Get Satisfaction page. For more information about Get Satisfaction and how to use it, click here.
And don’t forget to tell your family, friends and network to LIKE the QNET Official Facebook Page!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Big Surprise to Blow You Away… New Products in Your eStore NOW!

A Big Surprise to Blow You Away… New Products in Your eStore NOW!

An awesome surprise is here! The latest premium products from your beloved energy product line – Amezcua – and the brand new and complete weight management brand – InShape – are now available in your eStore for the very first time!

Amezcua brings you the TRIO of the year – the Amezcua Bio Light, the Amezcua Chi Pendant 2 and the Amezcua Energy Shell 2. New. Improved. Enhanced. Get the Amezcua Bio Light and pair it up with your Amezcua Bio Disc to boost its performance. And try the new Amezcua Chi Pendant 2 and Amezcua Energy Shell 2 which are even more advanced innovations to harmonise your way of living.
And… introducing InShape – the new weight management solution – that offers you a simple yet effective way to ensure you are living a smarter, healthier and happier lifestyle. Meet the perfect duo – InShape Toning Belt and InShape Toning Gel. Together, they will help you achieve the toned and tight abdominal muscles that you’ve always dreamed of! And give your body a boost with InShape Energy Jelly, a great-tasting energy gel drink scientifically formulated to maximise energy delivery and performance while also preventing ageing through antioxidant and detox ingredients!
That’s not all! QNET has yet ANOTHER surprise for all of you! From now until Sunday, 30 September 2012, 23:59 HKST, enjoy a special increase in RSP for the Amezcua Bio Light. How much increase? We are giving you DOUBLE RSP rate! Hurry before this awesome deal ends.
Keen to experience all the brand new products? Come and visit us at Amezcua and InShape product booths at V-Con! Or run to your eStore to be among the first to own them!

Get the Party Started: V-Indonesia 2012 Registration Day!

V-Con FEVER is at an all-time high as our beloved participants have already started registering for the biggest boldest V-Con event thus far, just this morning!
Chanting and cheering, they lined up in front of the Sentul International Convention Centre in Indonesia, to register for the event they have been awaiting for many months: V-Indonesia 2012!
Happy faces of IRs who finally got inside!
V-Con Fever is truly in the air!
Travelled in from all over the world!
Eager to register…
Getting ready for the V Kids and V Teens…
Meanwhile, the QNET Pavilion is undergoing its final touches and preparations before its doors open to thousands of QNET Independent Representatives from all over the world, happening later today!
Moments before this space will be heaving with happy shoppers!
QNET’s amazing Product Marketing team adding final touches to the new and exciting QNET product booths!
Chief Network Support Malou Caluza helps the teams to make everything just perfect…
QNET IR Twaha from Uganda is proud to be part of the In Service team this year. He’ll be helping to welcome IRs into the QNET pavilion!
QNET CEO Dave Osh is here too!
We can’t wait for V-Indonesia 2012 to really come alive! And we hope to see you all here in sunny Indonesia! For those who didn’t make it to V-Con this year, make sure to keep an eye on the QNET Blog for daily updates. You can also catch crucial event coverage on the QNET Facebook and Twitter pages (do not forget the official #VIND12 hashtag that will identify all tweets from QNETOfficial, QNET staff and V-Con participants!).
Let the fun and games begin at V-Indonesia 2012!

Adakah Anda Mempunyai 60 BV?

Adakah Anda Mempunyai 60 BV?

Pada masa sekarang, ramai daripada anda menghampiri akhir (minggu ke-13) suku pertama anda sejak QInfinitepelancaran. Tahniah untuk membuat ia sejauh ini!
Ini adalah seruan keluar kepada semua IR untuk periksa dan memastikan bahawa mereka memenuhi keperluan masing-masing dan kelayakan setiap suku tahun untuk mengekalkan atau memajukan pangkat dan memaksimumkanpendapatan mereka. Ia membayar untuk membuat ia satu tabiat untuk menyemak Dashboard Rank Kemajuan di Pejabat Maya anda (PP) untuk menjejaki kriteria sasaran anda, kriteria yang anda telah dicapai dan baki kriteria yang anda perlukan untuk mencapai, bergantung kepada pangkat anda.
Keperluan anda yang sangat asas (sebagai Bintang Emas, Platinum dan Diamond) untuk memaksimumkan pendapatan anda adalah jualan runcit dan / atau pembelian peribadi 60 BV / suku tahun itu . Jika anda masih pendek mengenai keperluan ini, pergi melawat eStore QNet sekarang untuk membeli beberapa produk Pembelian Ulangi atau memujuk prospek anda untuk membuat pembelian runcit sebelum luput suku pertama anda. Jika anda mahu akan diperolehi bagi tahun keseluruhan dari segi kelayakan tertentu ini, anda mempunyai pilihan untuk membuat pembelian peribadi bernilai 240 BV dan yang akan merangkumi semua suku 4 anda. Satu lagi pilihan adalah untuk mendaftar diri pada Autoship untuk memastikan bahawa anda mendapat 60 BV / suku tahun daripada pembelian kereta anda. Anda boleh melayari melalui katalog produk QNet untuk memilih produk dengan BV sama yang akan membolehkan anda untuk memenuhi keperluan ini.
Sekiranya anda mempunyai soalan dan kebimbangan, jangan teragak-agak untuk menghubungi kami Pusat Sokongan Global .

Monday, September 3, 2012

V-Indonesia 2012- Reborn!!!!

Are you ready for V-Indonesia 2012? Here is a teaser we call 'Reborn' to remind you of everything you've missed about V Con last year. Are you ready to come home? Are you ready to be reborn at V-Indonesia?

Friday, August 31, 2012

Choosing The Right Weight Management Solution For A Healthier, Happier You!

Choosing The Right Weight Management Solution For A Healthier, Happier You!
Why is weight management important?
Everyone wants to look and feel better!
Today’s lifestyle of working long hours, eating high calorie meals, and decreasing amounts of time to exercise prevents us from achieving our ideal body shape. Excess weight and obesity seems to be very common in many countries, and consequently increases the risk of developing diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and some types of cancer.
Thus, maintaining a healthy weight is important. Not only does it lower the causes of health problems, but it also makes you feel good about yourself and gives you plenty of energy to enjoy your life!
Know your BMI
The Body Mass Index (BMI) is the best indicator to find out whether you are normal, underweight, overweight or obese.
You can easily calculate your BMI by dividing your weight in kilogrammes by your height in metres squared.
What is your BMI result? If your BMI is below 18.5 or above 24.9, you should control the food you eat, your fitness level, as well as your overall lifestyle in order to achieve a healthy maintained weight.
Bad diets and the ‘Yo-Yo’ effect
There are many crash diet plans and weight management solutions that help you lose weight quickly. However, most of them can only provide short-term results. This is because the weight you lose comes from the loss of body fat and muscle mass. Yet, muscle cells play a significant role in processing fat, metabolising, and transforming it into energy. With decreasing amounts, your muscle tissues slow down your metabolism. Instead of being processed into energy, fat gets stored into fat tissues. That’s why many dieters end up regaining weight and it’s called the ‘yo-yo’ diet effect.
Therefore, it is very important to choose the right weight-management solutions that ensure you consume the appropriate amount of calories and the optimal nutrition for your health and energy levels.
———————————————————————— # # # ——————————————————————————-

InShape, QNET’s new line of weight management products and services, offers you effective solutions to fit your lifestyle and provides you with a wide variety of options to meet individual needs. With InShape, you can burn more calories, eat less, gain more energy and reap major results with minimal effort and of course without the yo-yo diet effects!
Are you ready for a healthier and happier you? Keep your eyes open for our revolutionary weight-management brand – coming your way soon!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

QNET’s Cover Story as a Giant Direct Selling Leader in OBTAINER WORLDWIDE Magazine!

The latest July issue of the international multi-level marketing magazine,OBTAINER WORLDWIDE, gave spotlight to QNET’s story of how it became a trailblazing direct selling giant around the globe. The magazine also features QNET Managing Director JR Mayer and V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah splashed across the front cover!
Read through the Insight section and know more about your own company! QNET shares its insights on how it became one of the fastest-growing direct selling companies in the world today. The article also focusses on the success stories of our leaders and the innovative range of QNET lifestyle products.
And there’s more! If you love speed and the thrill of a race, turn to page 44 to read about QNET’s exciting sponsorship of the Marussia F1 Team, including details about the Moscow City Racing Event that QNET was recently at!
Flip through the issue and turn to page 96 to read about how you can reach the next level of wellness with QNET’s unique harmonised energy product line – Amezcua.
OBTAINER WORLDWIDE is the biggest MLM and direct sales magazine in Europe and the Middle East, the number one direct selling online business and lifestyle magazine, and it periodically highlights news and updates on leading companies in the direct selling industry.
Click here to read all the articles.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Mulai Bisnis Anda Dengan Payout Awal QNET yakni Matching Bonus Promo!

Langsung Mulai Bisnis Anda Dengan Payout Awal QNET yang Matching Bonus Promo! ATAU membantu prospek Anda mendapatkan LEBIH dengan Payout Awal QNET yang Matching Bonus Promo!
Pembayaran Awal QNET itu tumbuh bahkan lebih besar! Membantu tim Anda mendapatkan dua kali lebih banyak ... atau jika Anda baru saja bergabung dengan QNET, merebut kesempatan untuk diri sendiri!

Ceritakan lebih banyak!
Untuk mendapatkan Bonus Payout Awal Matching, Anda harus Berkualitas dengan setidaknya 500 BV dan bisa diaktifkan dengan 2 atau lebih referral langsung baru yang mencapai 1000 BV di kiri dan 1000 BV di sisi kanan dari pusat pelacakan, dalam komisi yang sama minggu kualifikasi Anda. Jika persyaratan ini terpenuhi, Anda akan menerima USD 50 Pembayaran Awal.
Tapi coba tebak ? Jika persyaratan ini terpenuhi selama Payout Awal Matching Bonus Promo, Anda mendapatkan bonus PENCOCOKAN ... berarti Anda mendapatkan USD 50 di atas! Melompat memulai bisnis Anda dan mendapatkan Anda USD pertama 100 dengan QNET selama minggu pertama Anda!
Memiliki teman-teman yang merenungkan QNET bergabung? Ini Unik Jual Anda Point untuk meyakinkan mereka!Pembayaran Awal Matching Bonus Promo berjalan dari sekarang, Sabtu, 25 Agustus, 2012, 0:01 HKST sampai Jumat, September 21, 2012, 23:59 HKST, jadi jangan lewatkan!
Baik untuk tahu!
  • Kualifikasi IR dengan 500 BV dapat dicapai dari pembelian pribadi atau penjualan eceran dari kedua Kualifikasi dan Ulangi eStore . Ini BV 500 dapat akumulasi dari pembelian pribadi ganda atau penjualan ritel.
  • 1.000 BV di setiap sisi dapat dicapai dari kualifikasi rujukan langsung via / nya pembelian pribadi atau penjualan eceran dari kedua Kualifikasi dan Ulangi eStore . selama periode promo. Ini BV 1.000 dapat akumulasi dari pembelian beberapa arahan langsung 'pribadi atau penjualan ritel: hanya memilih opsi yang bekerja untuk Anda yang terbaik!
Matching Bonus =1000BV : 1000BV : USD50